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About zonted

Established in 2020, zonted is the premier digital art gallery in contemporary digital art with ownership stored on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on cryptocurrency blockchains. zonted supports the digital art movement with on-going promotion, support, and backing for crypto NFT artists.

Delve into exclusive interviews with the leading digital NFT cryptoartists and see how they're approaching their craft and succeeding in the NFT art scene:

zonted is at the forefront of the evolution of art from physical to digital. zonted offers digital artists, art collectors, and art enthusiasts an immersive and stunning virtual art gallery viewing experience in the leading metaverses—Cryptovoxels and Decentraland.

Read insider takes on the most coveted digital NFT art collectors and learn more about what they're looking for when scoping out artworks & artists:

With exhibition spaces designed by world-renowned metaverse architects—VoxelArchitects and Ogar—zonted showcases a wide range of compelling digital creations and highly desirable virtual art installations.

Take an immersive tour through the elegantly designed and architected zonted digital art galleries:

From its inception, zonted has prepared and presented exhibitions of works by noteworthy artists such as FEWOCiOUS, Anna Zhilyaeva, Hackatao, MERCPIN, odious, XCOPY, Frenetik Void, Kristy Glas, Etiene Crauss, deadmau5, Mad Dog Jones, Fabio Giampietro, FVCKRENDER, Cool 3D World, Pak, femzor, Sarah Zucker, Trevor Jones, Mushbuh, Prince Jacon Osinachi, Javier Arrés, parrott_ism, Reisinger Andres, null, Twisted Vacancy, 3LAU, Beeple, and more.

See the entire list of preeminent artists in the zonted collection:

zonted has consigned lots of noteworthy artworks to small cryptoart enthusiasts as as the most coveted cryptoart collectors in the industry.

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