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zonted digital art collection

The esteemed zonted collection contains a diverse array of marquee international cryptoartists.

zonted collection artists

3LAU, Alejandra Herrera, Alexandra Rubio, Alotta Money, Amaan Jahangir, Anna Zhilyaeva, Arsenic Lullaby, Beeple, Bryan Brinkman, Bit Errror, ClassyPaints, Cool 3D World, Daniel Ignacio, deadmau5, Dunja Jung, El-Metallico, Etiene Crauss, fabianospeziari, Fabio Giampietro, ๐“•aith, femzor, FEWOCiOUS, Fesq, Frenetik Void, FVCKRENDER, Goldweard, Hackatao, hairofmedusa, Hanrgb, harvmcm, hexeosis, Hilen Godoy, hisartwork, howiseedatworld, ilan katin, immy !, Indrani Mitra, Javier Arrรฉs, JENISU, JOY, Json, KaySha, kidfigment, Kobay, kozachok, Kristy Glas, Lapin Mignon, Lawrence Lee, Leeaux, Loopify, Liz Capote, lucclop, Mad Dog Jones, Mandelsage, Max Schramp, mel duART, MERCPIN, mewpsd, Monfa Cabrera, Mushbuh, No Paradigms, Not Satoshi, Noah Kocher, null, obxium, odious, Oguz Dogru, Olive Allen, Orabelart, Pak, Paolo Leone, parrott_ism, Patricia Costa, Peter Mohrbacher, planttdaddii, peenpoon, Prince Jacon Osinachi, Reisinger Andres, Sarah Zucker, sea.well, Shirley Gong, Sinclair, Skygolpe, SteezDesigns, Stellabelle, Suryanto, Trevor Jones, Twisted Vacancy, Toxsam, vart, Vini Naso, VISIONES, Vyankka, Wrong Bedroom, XCOPY, and yusaymon.

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