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sea.well: Artist Spotlight

sea.well: Artist Spotlight

. 4 min read
sea.well's trial & error approach creates a familiar "design art" that's both whimsical and distinct. If you want design art that's uniquely simple yet complex, you need not look further than sea.well.

You know a sea.well when you see a sea.well.

- zonted

What first caught our eye about sea.well is his clean and unique artistic expression that we see as a cross between design and art. Watching him create his work via tweeted out "time lapses", it feels like sometimes the best way to start creating is to jump in... head first.

🖼 view sea.well's art in the zonted genesis exhibition:,584N,1U

How did art enter your life?

Art was introduced to me relatively early. Just sketching or coloring as a time-killer, never to be taken seriously. It was always a hobby!

sea.well, Bull-E, 2020, edition 1 of 1

Personally, I’d say the love & dedication for art entered my life through the aspect of design. Being able to decide what looks good or what does not look good can feel so meaningful.

What inspires you to create art? Why?

Honestly, just life in general. I know that’s super broad but it is true.

sea.well, Third-person, 2020, edition 1 of 1

Friends, family, the environment around me. I think there is a slight nostalgic factor at play. Music, movies, nature, architecture, video games, etc. But both the good and bad things about life can be inspiring!

I really love to see other creatives working & evolving. It can be so motivating to see people accomplish their goals. Something about it just makes being an artist a little more “real”.

How would you describe your artistic style?

I might describe it as clean, simplified, precise, & sometimes random. That’s the goal anyway.

sea.well, The Watering Hole, 2020, edition 1 of 1

How did you develop this unique world that all of your art exists in?

A ton of trial and error! Dedication & many hours. Some things will stick, and some things will go.

A time-lapse of sea.well creating "Taste Testing"

It’s common for the ideas that “stick” to be developing constantly. I’m unsure it ever really ends.

Since you're unsure the creation process never really ends, when do you decide to nip the cord?

Usually, I end the process when I feel as if adding anything else would cause the piece to feel cluttered.

What’s the story behind the yellow, blue, and red dots in your work?

sea.well, Silly Goose, 2020, edition 1 of 1

Not much of a story, but they act as an indicator. When you see it, you know! I think the dots can be a reference for the viewer. It feels familiar.

Current favorite pieces?

Hmm, that’s a really hard question. It often changes, but at the moment I really love “Orcinus Orca”.

sea.well, Orcinus Orca, 2020

If I could make every concept so simple, I would.

What prevents you from striving to make every concept 'so simple'? What makes it difficult to create art like Mark Rothko's art which is simple yet has depth?
Mark Rothko, No. 13 (White, Red on Yellow), 1958, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

To be as simple as Rothko and still understood would be interesting.

I think using detail to achieve such can be draining sometimes, but it provides another layer of excitement for the viewer. The more the idea has been critiqued before coming to reality can play a large role in how much detail is "needed".

It's easy to be simple, but it is not easy to be simple & appreciated.

What excites you most about your future with art? Where do you see yourself going?

I mostly look forward to a time & space I can create freely in. My interests are in progressing with digital art, animation, & product design.

I hope at some point I can help others create what they’ve always wanted to create.

What are you doing now? And why haven't you made the leap?

I am bracing the leap of becoming a full time artist & designer.

Currently I balance: digital art, the launch of a music streaming app, & part-time job.

My goal is to have enough put away to feel comfortable "swimming" on my own.

Any shout outs?

Shoutout to all the great artists out there!! Seriously, there is so much great art made in so many different ways imaginable. To anyone who considers themself an art enthusiast, thank you! <3

Notable past exhibitions / praise:

  • zonted genesis exhibition

    The first ever ("genesis") digital art exhibition by zonted art gallery. The exhibition features sculptures, installations, videos, and digital creations by a wide array of notable international artists that are on the forefront of digital art.

    Visit the exhibition here:

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