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Amaan Jahangir: zonted Collector's Opinion

Amaan Jahangir: zonted Collector's Opinion

. 4 min read

zonted is the premier digital art gallery in contemporary digital art with ownership stored on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on cryptocurrency blockchains. zonted supports the digital art movement with on-going promotion, support, and backing for crypto NFT artists.

Read the Amaan Jahangir Artist Spotlight:

Amaan Jahangir: Artist Spotlight
Featured works by Amaan Jahangir. His works for captured our attention while we were about to fall asleep—something about the dreamy nature and whispy feel called out to our inner subconcious.

When do you first remember becoming excited about Amaan Jahangir’s work? What made you interested in collecting his work in the first place?

I saw Jahangir's first minted work, "Let's Get Married", on SuperRare a couple months ago. As I was about to fall asleep the night after first seeing the work, my mind slowly drifted to fixating on "Let's Get Married".

I dwelled on the flowing visuals that were coursing through my mind and decided in that moment that I had to pick it up. Thus, I got out of bed and submitted a bid.

zonted & metapurse bidding war on SuperRare for Jahangir's "Let's Get Married"

After the 2.5E bid, Jahangir kindly reached out via Twitter and we were able to settle on a price after a brief bidding war against Metapurse. I have to admit that bidding against Metapurse felt a bit daunting as they're one of the biggest NFT collectors in the space but Amaan is very easy to work with and clear with his negotiations.

What kinds of emotions does Amaan Jahangir’s artwork evoke in you?

There's something special about Jahangir's dreamlike world that's full of wonder. Every time I come back for a viewing of "Let's Get Married", I'm filled with an inner sense of warmth.

As mentioned in Jahangir's Artist Spotlight, his emotions truly do ooze out of his work and I'm delighted to get a front row seat to view them.

Most of Amaan Jahangir’s work start with a physical piece and then gets turned into a digital NFT. Are you interested in collecting both pieces? Does the combination of having both digital and physical enhance the experience for you?

I would personally love to own a physical Amaan Jahangir artwork. My walls would be delighted to host small glimpses into his dreamscapes which would enrich my everyday life.

That said, I view the physical component that some digital NFT cryptoartists offer as more of a side effect of collecting NFTs, rather than the main course.

There's a bit of "impermanence" that I've associated physical art with—you have to ship it, mount it, care for it—all things that make physical artworks less desirable. I've done my fair share of "Marie Kondo"ing lots of physical items while moving around and the permanence of a digital NFT artwork is alluring.

If an NFT comes with a physical component, I'm more than delighted to receive the piece and cherish the artwork. However, the combination of a physical and a digital artwork isn't necessary or amplifying to me. I view the pair as an additive experience.

What’s holding you back from collecting more from Amaan Jahangir?

Amaan Jahangir, When I Went to Wonderland, 2020, edition 1 of 1

Budget is my main concern. I would eagerly collect more Jahangir if I could. I still have my eyes out on "When I Went to Wonderland".

What do you hope to see Amaan Jahangir does with their work moving forward?

Hmmm, I honestly love his work and his style. I'd like to see Jahangir figure out how to better market his crafts. I feel that Jahangir's works will be widely desirable if he can tap into a wider and broader audience.

The good news is that I know Jahangir is already on-top of leveling up his hustle.

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