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ClassyPaints: Danil Pan Collector's Opinion

ClassyPaints: Danil Pan Collector's Opinion

. 4 min read

Danil Pan is the co-founder of The Art Gallery Auction House Artist Page and is a beloved member of the NFT cryptoart community.

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Having run multiple NFT cryptoart charity auctions, Danil's has a broad but comprehensive glimpse into the world of cryptoart.

Read the ClassyPaints Artist Spotlight:

ClassyPaints: Artist Spotlight
ClassyPaints artist spotlight. What caught our eyes about Classy is their ability to capture the true essence of their characters and leave enough room for the audience to fill in the blanks.

When do you first remember becoming interested in ClassyPaints’ work?

My first experience with ClassyPaints was on Twitter.

I saw these stunning portraits of celebrities as well as original characters that looked so incredibly detailed and well made. But my interest wasn’t completely captured until ClassyPaints joined my telegram channel, The Art Gallery Auction House (AGAH).

It was there during the auction that they spoke about their art, explained their process, and we had a nice conversation—this is where I saw something special in the connection and passion with the artworks.

What’s your favorite ClassyPaints works that you own? And what are some pieces that they have created that you wish belonged in your collection?

ClassyPaints, Urge, 2020, edition 1 of 1

Currently I only own "Urge" and it is definitely one of my favorites because it wasn’t a figurative portrait, but an artwork depicting hands and how expressive hands can be in art. Although all the portraits are beautiful, I loved getting something that stood out from the other pieces. I plan to get more pieces for sure ;)

ClassyPaints, Red, 2020, edition 1 of 1

One piece I wish I had in my collection from ClassyPaints is "Red" which seems to be the genesis work on their KnownOrigin profile. In addition to it being absolutely beautiful, I would love to have a genesis piece from them :)

Why did you decide to collect one of ClassyPaints’ artworks? What kind of emotion did their work invoke in you?

ClassyPaints approached me to set up an auction for their artwork ‘Urge’ and it was there that I really got to understand who they were as an artist and as a person. With ‘Urge’ I really got a strong connection to the artwork’s theme of desire and wanting, which are themes I address in my own artwork! I also love to support blossoming artists so all of these reasons made it a pretty easy decision to collect it :)

ClassyPaints, Queen Nai, 2020, edition 1 of 1

As for invoked emotions, their artwork constantly leaves me in awe, and I feel an indescribable happiness in seeing art that looks loved and conveys a powerful message. These qualities are prevalent in all their works and makes me excited to follow their artistic journey!

ClassyPaints has been quite prolific with portrait work. If they were to delve into different types of work, what would you like to see them tackle?

Oooh, I would absolutely love to see them take the portrait painting and incorporate elements of high fantasy environments and backgrounds. The level of quality of the portraits is so high I think to see these characters in beautifully rich environments could make for some interesting results.

Alternatively, just landscape environments would look lovely with their painting style, so I’d love to see that! Mountains, skies, meadows, prairies, and so on!

ClassyPaints is quite young (19 years old). Did they make an impact when you were deciding whether or not to collect their work?

I actually did not know they were so young! That’s incredible!!

Usually I get the most impact in conversing with the artist and seeing how they represent themselves as well as their art. You can see the passion that goes into the artwork as well as their excitability and fulfillment in creating beautiful art. Having ClassyPaints in the auction house is always a pleasure and this constantly instills me with confidence in collecting their art.

Engage with the collector: