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Kristy Glas: Daniel Crowley Collector's Opinion

Kristy Glas: Daniel Crowley Collector's Opinion

. 4 min read

Daniel is a recent and passionate collector of Kristy Glas' artworks. We know from first hand experience dueling him across many of Glas' works, including the well sought after "Adventure Series" all the way down to Pixel Cats.

We're also psyched to bring Daniel's views about Kristy Glas to this collector's opinion because he was the first collector to interview her. Read more here:

Read the Kristy Glas Artist Spotlight:

Kristy Glas: Artist Spotlight
Kristy Glas featured works.

When do you first remember becoming interested in Kristy Glas’ work?

It was her cats on Rarible—how she marketed them and interacted with her audience on Twitter. It was a Wednesday two months ago.

I knew that she was dropping the new cats and I kept checking my phone. And then there they were! 3 incredible cats. I bought them all immediately.

She also gave one away and I ended up buying that one later...

Cat #60 is one I’ll never sell.

What’s your favorite 1-3 Kristy Glas works that you own? And what are some pieces that she’s created that you wish belonged in your collection?


1. Finding Memories - The imagery and the story of the Adventure series has always captivated me. If you dig in, you get to know Kristy a little better and the art becomes richer.

I read the story that accompanied this one and knew that I was meant to have it. So many connections to my own inner-life! It was one of those magical-kindred-connections that don’t happen too often.

2. Infinite Corridor - I had tried to acquire something from the tree series, but lost out to a passionate collector. This one dropped next and I was immediately immersed in the world. When my offer was accepted, I could hardly believe my luck.

Kristy Glas, Infinite Corridor, 2020, edition 1 of 1

The story of this one keeps going too in a Cryptovoxels installation ( Watching it come alive in another medium has been incredible.

3. Cat#60 - Pixel Cats - What makes Kristy so incredible to collect is how well she knows the medium of cryptoart (before the cats on Ethereum, she also sold dragons on Hive). She understands why someone would want to have a pixel-cat that nobody else can have.

Also cats in space are adorable.


  1. One of the layers from her upcoming Adventure Series Async artwork.

2. Pixel Cat #1 - I’ve tried to acquire it, but Strawberry Sith isn’t budging

Kristy Glas, Pixel Cats #1, 2020, edition 1 of 1

3. Her profile picture. I’m a huge Spirited Away fan. It’s apparently not for sale.

Kristy Glas Twitter profile photo, 2020

As you know, Kristy Glas has been quite prolific with her work. What’s your favorite series that she’s done so far (eg. Pixel Cats, Adventure Series, Cyberpunk, Cat Doodles, Trees, Clouds, animated video) and what kinds of work would you like to see more of?

Adventure series.

I’d like to see more experimentations in storytelling using different mediums. Would love to see a VR piece.

And why does that kind of Kristy Glas work excite you the most?

Kristy has always offered something unique to the medium. She was a crypto-artist years before this most recent boom. The best part is, I think she’ll innovate in a direction that nobody is expecting.

Can you describe the feeling of winning the bid for “Finding Memories” on MakersPlace?

See above!

Engage with the collector: