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zonted: MakersPlace & KnownOrigin Twitter contest

zonted: MakersPlace & KnownOrigin Twitter contest

. 7 min read

About a week ago, I received a direct message (DM) from parrott_ism informing me that I needed to check out Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher on MakersPlace. Within a few seconds of examining the heavenly and meticulously imagined angels that Mohrbacher created, I fell in love with his transcendental world—Angelarium.

Peter Mohrbacher, Barchiel, Angel of Pisces, 2018, edition 6 of 10

More importantly, what this quick exchange and fascination with Mohrbacher's work led to was a sinking feeling in my heart—I have overlooked a lot of talented yet underrepresented artists on other platforms since most of my collecting has been on SuperRare.

Feeling rather adventurous and in observance of the rather slow December month that most digital NFT cryptoartists were facing, I decided I wanted to open my range of collecting up to the multitudes of cryptoartists that I knew were hiding right before my eyes by launching my first ever "shill me your art" contest on Twitter.

Many days later and near the tail-end of the contest, I'm proud to announce that the feedback I received from doing this has been overwhelmingly positive. We received dozens of fascinating submissions and thousands of likes across the board. The main objective of rounding on the zonted collection across the platforms was a success. But more importantly, the side effect of generating exposure for underrepresented cryptoartists was the biggest hit and outcome of this experiment.

There were a few hiccups along the way but I'm glad that the cryptoart community members settled the snags in a peaceful and amicable manner. I want to express my heart felt thanks and appreciation to everyone who participated and look forward to what 2021 will bring.

Also, the goal wasn't to specifically just collect the 2 most favorited Twitter shares but to get a nice gamut of work across the entire community. I'm proud to announce the two winning artists, along with some other spice I happened to gather along the way.

zonted Twitter contest winners

#1. "We Fear too much" by ClassyPaints

The more I inspect "We Fear too much", the more I've come to dwell on the artwork. The somewhat wistful look depicted in the character makes me wonder what she is fearing in the moment, but more deeply makes me reflect upon what I'm fearing.

#2. "eve." by mewpsd

A spectacular rendition of "Eve" descending into the vices and deadly sins that we as human beings are challenged with daily—lust.

zonted Twitter contest extra picks (no particular order)

"The way home" by lucclop

The way home by lucclop
Sci-Fi TV Mashup

"Boundaries" by Alejandra Herrera

Boundaries by Alejandra Herrera
This is how I set boundaries around myself. Boundaries belongs to the Nocturna Series. In it, I represent my nights of dreams, insomnia and sleepwalking. This series includes Digital and Traditional Paintings.

"Enjoying Respite" by Kristy Glas

Enjoying Respite | Rare Digital Artwork
by Kristy Glas. I’m at a loss for words, for how to describe this outer worldly subway. I don’t remember how I got here, but I hope to retrace my steps so I can return here again. The place is incredibly tranquil, my racing thoughts calmed down to a standstill. A mysterious safe space to get lost in…

"NovemberLights" by Francesco Flore

NovemberLights | Rare Digital Artwork
by Francesco Flore. Inspired by the autumn colors and atmosphere. A surreal interior where the observer can have rest.

"Frida and Monkeys" by Stellabelle

Frida and Monkeys | Rare Digital Artwork
by Stellabelle. This digital painting started out with an artificial intelligence scene created by Artbreeder. The inspiration for this comes from Frida Kahlo herself, “I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy as long as I can paint.” I resonate with this sentiment. Can you find the Manta Ray? Thi…

"The Statue of Venus" by DaniellaDoodle

The Statue of Venus by DaniellaDoodle
This artwork is based on ‘Venus de Milo’ and inspired by the colours of sunset.

"Good Guy with Bad Habits" by Json

Good Guy with Bad Habits by Json
Am just a guy with bad habitsYet with a good heartI smoke, I drink liquorsBut my intentions are pureNot all who goes to churchare really nobleNot all who does not smokehave the purest intentionsAfter all, I’m a good guy with bad habitsWith pure intentions and a kind heart

"Thats No Moon" by Mandelsage

That’s No Moon | Rare Digital Artwork
by Mandelsage. A long, long time before humans knew of their existence, The First were observing them, and they were worried. Humanity had just started developing primitive yet highly destructive technology of planet-destroying capability. They had to be watched, and kept in check if necessary. If y…

"House in the Woods" by El-Metallico

House in the Woods by El-Metallico
No one will find you there.

Thanks to all the remarkable artists who participated and all the collectors who snagged a piece for themselves <3

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Established in 2020, zonted is the premier digital art gallery in contemporary digital art with ownership stored on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on cryptocurrency blockchains.

About zonted 🖼
Established in 2020, zonted is a premier digital art gallery specializing in contemporary non-fungible token (NFT) art. The zonted art gallery features sculptures, installations, videos, and digital creations by a wide array of notable international artists that are on the forefront of digital art.