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Hilen Godoy: Ioannis (greekdx) & M0NA Collector’s Opinion

Hilen Godoy: Ioannis (greekdx) & M0NA Collector’s Opinion

. 3 min read

Ioannis (greekdx) is the curator at the Museum of NFT Art (M0NA) and is one of the most widely beloved collectors in the digital NFT space. Just after a few months of dipping his toes in the vast NFT ocean, Ioannis has supported hundreds of artists, collected over 1,000 NFTs, and launched the first NFT subscription box in the space.

We're proud to start offering his collector's opinions on Hilen Godoy's artworks and many more talented artists in the future.

Read the Hilen Godoy Artist Spotlight here:

Hilen Godoy: Artist Spotlight
Hilen Godoy’s featured works. Hilen Godoy’s digital sketches act as a window into her intimate inner dialogues—along with microscopic views at the most nostalgic details.

When do you first remember becoming interested in Hilen Godoy’s work?

Hilen Godoy, Sometimes I keep u in my mind, 2020, edition 1 of 1

When I started my SuperRare journey roughly 2 months ago. I remember stumbling upon “Sometimes I keep u in my mind” and instantly being attracted to it. That particular work made me take a deeper look into Hilen and her work.

Looks like you currently only own one Hilen Godoy—”Sometimes I keep u in my mind”. What are some of your favorite pieces that she’s created that you wish belonged in your collection?

Hilen Godoy, Sin miedo, 2020, edition 1 of 1

I love the concept behind “Sometimes I keep u in my mind” so I would love to have “Sin miedo” and “Confiteria”.

Hilen Godoy, Confitería, 2020, edition 1 of 1

The pattern with squares in her art is something that really peaks my interest and makes her art stand out.

Can you describe how “Sometimes I keep u in my mind” makes you feel and what speaks to you about the piece?

There are some pieces in the NFT world that call out to me. When I see an art piece that evokes emotions in me that feeling is what compels me to collect the art work.

This piece really did call out to me—the rather “chaotic” nature of the piece reminds me of a state where you are lost in thought, contemplating about a significant other, your shared memories and your choices up until that point.

I can say I have been in that position many times until now in my life. I really can feel this piece so I had to add it to my collection.

Hilen’s just diving into the crypto art scene after leaving her full time design gig. Are there particular styles of work you’d like to see her experiment with?

I would love to see more works with the color palette of “Sin miedo” and “Sometimes I keep u in my mind”. Maybe landscapes, cities and pieces that evoke emotions to people looking at her works!

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